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Concept to Listing

Welcome to Asia’s premier ICO & TGE marketing and consultancy company.

CORNET is focused on helping companies in and around Asia and its team has helped some of the largest ICO’s and TGE’s proceed through due diligence, launch, Pre Sales and Know Your Customer, Anti Money Laundering.

CORNET is focused on sustainable blockchain and cryptocurrency projects that are destined to have a huge impact on the markets they address.

CORNET builds global blockchain and cryptocurrency eco-systems with our partners around the world.

CORNET works with our clients from concept to development of blockchain structuring and tokenomics all the way through to listing on global exchanges.

We look forward to building great things with you.

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Robert Choi
Managing Director


Business Development

  • Blockchain concept development
  • Blockchain structuring
  • Business model planning
  • Token generation planning
  • Whitepaper development

Blockchain & Technology Development

  • Token generation
  • Architecture/Algorithm development
  • Blockchain development

TGE & Marketing

  • Presale & TGE planning and structuring
  • Website development with on-boarding process (KYC/AML)
  • Bounty campaign
  • Roadshow, promotion campaign


  • Recommendation of target exchanges
  • Negotiation and procedures
  • Listing campaign

Additional services

  • Advisory recommendation
  • Legal advice
  • Accounting advice

Work with Cornet for the future blockchain business.

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